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We developed Kickback to be a better way to organize events. Our founding team are all musicians and event organizers in San Francisco, and the idea was sparked one day while discussing the unpredictability of hosting an event, whether a concert, a workshop, or a private party.

Kickback was designed to solve that problem, by providing a platform that lets you prove demand for something before investing in it. It's crowdfunding for events– if there's enough support for an event, it tips and the you get the crowd and the funds you need to put on a successful event.


Our mission is to encourage and diversify the events happening today through social engagement. We want to give any artist, venue, organization or individual a tool that will allow them to create awesomeness.

Joshua Krammes has had a diverse career in business development, startup management, fundraising, consulting, and politics. After serving on the Advance Team of President Clinton, Josh co-founded Continuum, and he has been a consultant to groups like Sparked.com, Slavery Footprint, and BranchOut.com.

Steve Snider has twelve years of experience in event booking, planning and management in the San Francisco Bay Area’s music, art and entertainment industry. He currently serves as General Manager at Oakland Venue Management.

Yu-Kai Chou is a Pioneer and Speaker/Lecturer in Gamification and the Co-Founder of RewardMe. He regularly speaks at entities like Stanford University, Google, The Internet Marketing Conference as well as VC and Entrepreneur Gatherings.