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Have an idea for an event?

Kickback is an online ticketing platform that utilizes crowdfunding to remove the financial risk of throwing events of all kinds.

Kickback allows anyone to create an event, sell tickets, and ensure enough people will attend.

Here's how it works:

  • List a public or private event, and determine the amount of money you want to raise for it.

  • Set the tipping point of tickets needed to fund your goal. Buyers are not charged until the tipping point is reached.

  • Promote your show – after the goal has been met, the remaining tickets are sold normally. We make check-in easy on the day of your event.

Creating Events

Decide your ticket price and how many need to be sold to confirm the event (tipping point). You have the option to sell the pre tipping point tickets at a discount, adding an incentive for purchasers to buy early and helping tip your event.

Choose a cutoff date. If the event doesn't tip before this date, then it is cancelled and no purchasers will be charged.

Customize your event page with videos, pictures and event updates to make it unique and engaging.

When your event is created, you receive a unique url to your event page. This is where your promotion begins- share your event on social media and across the web and kick back as your event gets funded.


Each buyer will be emailed a ticket with a QR code and be added to the guest list.

When the event reaches its tipping point, each QR code will be activated.

You can choose to check people in with a QR scanner on your mobile device, or with the guest list. Almost any QR scanner will work, but we like Scan by QR Code City for IOS.


PayPal charges a fee of 2.9%, plus $0.30 per transaction. This will be deducted from your gross sales as you collect payments.

Buyers pay a low service fee of 2.5% plus $0.99 per ticket.

If your event doesn't reach its tipping point, no payments are processed and no transaction or service fees are charged.


Register to receive payments with PayPal in a few easy steps.

Buyers will be able to pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

If your event meets its tipping point, all those who have purchased will be charged, and the money will be transferred to your PayPal account. If your event does not tip, no one is charged anything.

The remaining tickets will be sold normally, and you get those funds as they come in. Ticket sales close six hours prior to the event. You can also close ticket sales manually in My Kickback.


What is Kickback? What’s the ‘tipping point’?What’s the
Kickback is a crowdfunding platform for events. Anyone can easily create an event, sell tickets, and ensure enough people will attend by setting a tipping point of people needed to confirm the event.

Does it cost anything to create an event? What’s the
No, it’s free to create events on Kickback. If an event is successful, we charge a fee of 0.99 +2.5% per ticket to the buyer.

What’s the ‘tipping point’? What’s the ‘tipping point’?
The tipping point is the number of people needed to confirm an event and make it happen. An event tips by enough people ordering tickets before the cutoff date. Once an event tips, it is confirmed and is a successful crowdfunded event!

When will I be charged for my ticket purchase?
You will be charged once an event reaches its tipping point. If the event has already tipped you will be immediately charged.

Can I order tickets without a PayPal account? What’s
Yes, there is an option to pay with a credit card when you reach the PayPal checkout, with no account needed.

How do I get paid when hosting an event? What’s the
When you create an event, you must register a PayPal account to receive payments. You can set this up in My Kickback once you create an account.

Can I change my tipping point deadline after I publish an event?
No, once you set the date to confirm the event, it cannot be changed.

What happens if the tipping point is not met? What’s the
If not enough tickets sell to make the event tip by the cutoff date, no one will be charged and all early supporters will be notified that the event will not proceed.

Can events be made private? What’s the ‘tipping point’?
Yes, when creating an event you have the option of making it password protected. Private events won’t show up for others browsing events on Kickback.

How do I manage my account information? What’s the
Create an account, log in and go to "My Kickback" to access or change your account information.

I have a question not answered here or just need general help creating or buying tickets to an event.
Contact us about anything by email at contact@kickbacktickets.com or by phone at (415) 735-4605.